Certain Medication to be Withdrawn from Croatian Pharmacies

By 16 September 2021

September the 16th, 2021 - Croatian pharmacies are set to be without a certain medication following a German pharmaceutical giant announcing that all of it is set to be withdrawn, leaving some unfortunate Croatian patients without their prescribed therapies.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the German pharmaceutical giant Sandoz has announced that it is withdrawing all batches of the drug Bromergon 2.5 mg tablets with the active substance bromocriptine from the Republic of Croatia, the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices reported recently.

The withdrawal of this medication, which is used by many, is being carried out to the level of pharmacies, according to Sandoz, the world’s largest generic pharmaceutical company that is part of the well known Swiss giant Novartis.

After the withdrawal, bromocriptine drugs will unfortunately not be available on the Croatian market at all, so the Agency has invited all patients who were obtaining this medicine from Croatian pharmacies to please contact their doctors/general practitioners immediately regarding the continuation of the therapy they need for their illnesses.

Those batches of medicinal products are being withdrawn for regulatory reasons which prescribe that a particular medicinal product may be placed on the market for a maximum of eighteen months after their expiry or the revocation of their marketing authorisation, if the product doesn't expire of its own accord at an earlier date than that.

''No other drugs with the active substance bromocriptine in them are available on the market in the Republic of Croatia at all. Therefore, we're instructing all users of this medicine to contact their doctors regarding the continuation of their therapy,'' they pointed out from the Medicines Agency.

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