Neil Patrick Harris Makes Anniversary Instagram Post with Photo From Hvar

By 9 September 2021

September the 9th, 2021 - American actor Neil Patrick Harris was recently seen holidaying on the Croatian coast with his husband and two children, and he clearly can't get Croatia's premier island of Hvar out of his head as he makes an Instagram anniversary post mentioning the Dalmatian island once again.

As Morski writes, this summer, the well known actor from the popular American show ''How I Met Your Mother'' enjoyed cruising the Mediterranean in the company of his husband and two children. An unmissable stop for the family this year was, unsurprisingly, the stunning Dalmatian island of Hvar, where the actor has been coming for the last few years.

His Instagram profile is full of photos and videos where he can be seen enjoys the joys of the Croatian Adriatic sea with his family, jumping into the crystal clear water from various locations on ​​the island of Hvar.

Neil Patrick Harris recently posted a photo on his Instagram profile in which he and his husband David Burtka are standing together without a T-shirt, in their bathing suits in front of a beach club on Hvar, which is excellent free promotion from the actor for the island which is famed for boasting the most sunshine.

''Seven years ago today, we got married in Italy. Last week, we were swimming in Croatia. Who knows where we’ll wind up next, but there is no one I’d rather travel the world with than you, David Burtka. Your adventurous spirit combined with your nurturing heart continues to impress and inspire. Our children are so fortunate to be surrounded by your love, your dedication, and your light. We all are. Happy anniversary, bubba. Can’t wait to see what happens next. @dbelicious #grateful #anniversary'' writes the actor.

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