Disgraced Entrepreneur Tomo Horvatincic to Serve Sentence at Lipovica Prison

By 7 September 2021

September the 7th, 2021 - Disgraced Croatian entrepreneur Tomo Horvatincic has managed to get away with far too much for far too long. The wealthy and highly influential Zagreb businessman caused the deaths of multiple individuals through dangerous driving of both cars and boats, and is set to finally serve his sentence for causing the deaths of an Italian couple many years ago.

The children of the couple who tragically lost their lives in the aforementioned boating incident have been fighting for years to see Tomislav ''Tomo'' Horvatincic put behind bars and finally get some form of closure.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, entrepreneur Tomislav Horvatincic (73), who is set to serve a four-year and ten-month prison sentence for a maritime accident caused by him in which the aforementioned Italian couple were killed, will serve his sentence in the Lipovica-Popovaca penitentiary.

According to the level of security and the restrictions placed on the freedom of movement of prisoners, the penitentiary in Lipovica-Popovaca is of a semi-open type. Adult men serving sentences of more than six months in prison are doing their time at this particular prison, and there are currently just over 80 of them there, with the oldest prisoner being 83 years old, Nova TV reported back in July.

As Jutarnji list has since learned, the Commission for the Execution of Criminal Sanctions had previously proposed the idea for entrepreneur Tomo Horvatincic to be sent to the Valtura penitentiary near Pula in Istria, which, unlike Lipovica, is open and in which, the likes of Radimir Cacic served his sentence for a traffic accident in neighbouring Hungary.

The director of the Diagnostic Centre, which is located in Zagreb's quite famous Remetinec prison, where Horvatincic's current address is, was also in favour of the Commission's proposal. However, at the level of the competent Ministry, it was decided to designate Lipovica as the place where the businessman would serve his prison sentence.

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