Totems and Sensory Technology Put into Function on Lokrum Island

By 6 September 2021
Totems and Sensory Technology Put into Function on Lokrum Island
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September the 6th, 2021 - One of Dubrovnik's most visited gems, the nearby Lokrum island, has undergone some changes of late. Totems and sensory technology devices have been placed across the uninhabited southern Dalmatian island, providing for a more interactive stay when visiting.

As Morski writes, as part of the project "Historical Gardens of the Dubrovnik area", activities from group 1 of ICT procurement were completed. Structured cabling carrying a total value of 84,513.00 kuna and group 3: the establishment of a unique IoT platform, the installation of sensor infrastructure with analytics and the presentation and installation of an interpretation point in the historical gardens of Lokrum island, carrying a total value of 1,214,880.00 kuna.

Structured cabling involves upgrading the existing fiber optic and the local computer network (LAN) in order to connect all of the functional facilities on Lokrum island into one unit and integrate them over the optical network into new digital services.

An advanced system for monitoring environmental components on Lokrum island, which is known for its botanical garden, has been introduced at six different locations. These are sensors that measure both air and sea quality and work to detect smoke. The sensor infrastructure is connected to an information and presentation panel which, in addition to providing timely information on the state of the environment, provides information on the natural values of Lokrum island, the sailing schedule and the project itself.

A sensor has also been installed to monitor the number of visitors at any one time on the small island with the aim of the more efficient use and management of protected areas. The completion of these activities established a technological environment that will ensure the long-term strategic development of Lokrum island as an intelligent/cognitive system, with efficient management of its own capacities and the preservation of natural heritage and the environment.

The "Historical Gardens of the Dubrovnik area" project is otherwise a three-year project with a total value of 15.5 million kuna. It was applied for and accepted in a restricted grant procedure for the promotion of sustainable development of natural heritage and co-financed by the Competitiveness and Cohesion Operational Programme for the financial period 2014-2020 of the European Regional Development Fund.

It contributes to the creation of new experiences for visitors and the raising of awareness of the need and importance of nature protection, and by using the modern technologies of interpretation and monitoring the environmental components, it enables cooperation with both Croatian and foreign scientific institutions and additionally responds to modern requests for new experiences.

The purpose of the project is the sustainable use of natural heritage and the management of protected areas through the interpretation and presentation of protected natural values, with the long-term goal of contributing to sustainable socio-economic development at the local and regional level.

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