New Šibenik Panorama Oil Painting by Local Artist Welcomes Guests (PHOTO)

By 1 September 2021
New Šibenik Panorama Oil Painting by Local Artist Welcomes Guests (PHOTO)
TZ Sibenik

September 1, 2021 - A new Šibenik panorama oil painting can be noticed along the D33 road, welcoming tourists to the popular coastal Croatian town. 

Welcome boards are often old and worn, which hardly gives an excellent first impression. However, it's important to remember that welcome boards are usually a tourist's first contact with the destination, reports HRTurizam

Šibenik decided to take the initiative and ensure they gave off a good first impression with a creative project. Namely, earlier this week in Lozovac, along the D33 road, a large double-sided welcome board was set up showing an oil painting panorama of Šibenik, painted by Šibenik graduate painter Lana Martinović Čala of LANAart.

The welcome board was erected on the site of an old welcome board implemented more than twenty years ago, which had been partially devastated and neglected.

The Šibenik Tourist Board financed the construction of the board, and the price of the entire project (technical implementation and preparation) was around 50,000 kuna.

"We intend to replace it next year with similarly cheerful with colorful visuals and replace several other old signs placed at the entrances to Šibenik," said the Šibenik Tourist Board.

"Now everyone who comes to us knows that they come to the city of culture and art, the city of all artists, exhibitions, festivals, and music, the city of fun and good food, the city full of colors and life, the city of happy and good people, the city of friends and positives, the city that grows and becomes better and better, to my city, the city of Šibenik," said Lana Martinović Čala.

Visitors can find the LANAart Gallery located in the heart of Šibenik. In addition to a large selection of art paintings, B.Sc. painter Lana Martinović Čala hosts drawing and painting courses for adults and schoolchildren and creative workshops for children.

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