Brand New Zagreb Shopping Centre to Open Doors Next Week

By 18 August 2021

August the 18th, 2021 - A large brand new Zagreb shopping centre is set to open its doors to the residents of the Croatian capital city next week, and promises to wow with what it has to offer.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, after the technical inspection was successfully completed back at the beginning of August and the centre's permit for use was obtained, preparations for the grand opening of the first Croatian shopping centre of the new generation, planned for August the 26th, are coming to an end.

The opening of more than five hundred new jobs is not the only thing that the people of Zagreb can be satisfied with. The brand new Zagreb shopping centre will offer a completely new concept of openness to the outside, which will give the residents of the city's districts, especially those from the western part of the city, a new place with facilities that no one in the region has acheived and put on offer so far. The facility has therefore already won the European Property Awards 2020-2021 award in the category of the best commercial real estate project in all of the Republic of Croatia.

Two children's playgrounds, a sports field on the roof and an outdoor heated square that connects the shopping centre ''North'' and the retail park ''South'', are just some of the special features of the Z Centre - a mega facility in which more than 620 million kuna has been invested so far. This concept will contribute to the growth of the quality of life of the local population because, as they say from the architectural studio PULS-AR that designed the building, a particularly attractive and spacious central square should become a central meeting place for residents of the surrounding settlements and the location of many events. More than 60 stores will be located on more than 75,000 square metres of gross lease area (GLA) in Zagreb's Spansko district, and the occupancy of the new Zagreb shopping centre is 90 percent.

In addition to the fact that many people can't wait to see what the new generation Zagreb shopping centre will look like, the citizens of Zagreb are most interested in how the new centre is set to open its doors right next to the existing facilities offering the same or similar services.

''When deciding on the location of the Z Centre, the data of the Central Bureau of Statistics prevailed, according to which more than 350,000 people live within a radius of 15 minutes drive from the facility. If we add up the neighbourhoods of the western part of Zagreb, then we come to a large number of families with children, which gave us the opportunity to provide them, as well as those in the area, with new facilities and activities. This is especially true of the large number of young members of Generation Z, of which we have approximately 30,000, who are definitely eager for positive changes and new opportunities in their immediate environment,'' explained Maja Medunovic, manager of the Z Centre.

According to her, vital indices show that among all Zagreb's districts, Novi Zagreb and Stenjevec have the most young families. Therefore, the location of the new Zagreb shopping centre was chosen excellently connected to Spansko.

Among the large number of well-known international brands, many of which have the largest square footage of their stores in the new Z Centre, the LPP Group's fashion brands stand out, now all together in one place: Mohito, Reserved, House, Cropp and Sinsay. Clothing and footwear will also be available in the branches of the CCC, Pepco, KiK and Intersport brands, and premium brands Prahir Fine Jewelery, De’llure, HETA and Optika Anda will be in charge of jewellery and other fashion accessories.

The hypermarket of the tenant Plodine will be a branch boasting a modern sales concept, and the planned food court with 10 restaurants and modern coffee bars is part of the rich gastronomic and catering offer of the new Zagreb shopping centre. The ''South'' retail park on the lower floor will offer a diverse range of home decoration stores as well as creative materials and textiles with brands such as TEDi, Jysk and Hespo. Farmacia, dm, Tinktura, Z House of beauty and Simple. One of the more interesting tenants of the Z Centre is the ''Hall of Game'', the largest gaming arena in all of Zagreb, which will cover more than 1,400 square metres in total.

In addition to more than 1,300 planned parking spaces, the underground garage will house a free charging station for the charging of as many as eight electric cars with MOON chargers, a brand that will open the first regional branch for the sale of electric vehicle equipment right there.

To the delight of more than 250 experts and construction workers who have been working on the new Zagreb shopping centre's construction since the end of December 2019, the preliminary works for the opening of the second part of the facility have already been completed. In addition to the grand opening at the end of August, at the end of October 2021, the opening of a large children's playroom with innovative content and a casino is planned, and all outdoor sports fields will be put into operation. The Z Centre is also introducing a novelty here on the Croatian market, a multi-brand store for men, which is also opening in the second phase, while a multiplex cinema will open in the future, the first of its kind in the western part of the city.

Exceptional earthquake construction provided by the main contractor, Kamgrad, as well as the entire project, was made possible by Croatian capital and in cooperation with Croatian companies. The first view that greets passengers at the western entrance to Zagreb will now no longer be never completed construction from past times, but an impressive facility built to the absolute highest standards, to the satisfaction of the profession and the citizens of Zagreb and its visitors.

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