Baska Voda Deck Chairs Make Fortune for Concessionaires

By 11 August 2021

August the 11th, 2021 - Baska Voda has always been a popular place for swimmers and other beachgoers, but it seems that this destination has well and truly taken advantage of what is being hailed as the most lucrative business on the Adriatic coast. Baska Voda deck chairs are seeing concessionaires rake in the cash from reservations.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, Baska Voda is known as the place with the most deck chairs in all of Croatia. It's quite bizarre (yes, that's sarcasm) that every fifth voter who went to the last local elections is also the owner of a concession permit for renting Baska Voda deck chairs on the beaches, writes

When the numbers are scrutinised, it looks like this: 98 companies have a concession approval for renting Baska Voda deck chairs, each of which has a permit to place a maximum of 20 such chairs on the beach. It's interesting to note that the annual fee paid to the municipality is a mere 1600 kuna, or 80 kuna per deck chair, which is repaid in less than two days of the height of the tourist season because then, each chair is rented for a price of 50 kuna each.

Then we come to the fact that the Municipality of Baska Voda earns just over 156,000 kuna from its almost 2,000 deck chairs located on its beaches, and the concessionaire's earnings are into the millions, Kastelan reported.

The mayor of Baska Voda said that they couldn't increase that amount due to the Government's decision from way back in 2004, but that they had imposed an annual fee of 2,500 kuna on each of the concessionaires for cleaning those same beaches.

An opposition councillor in Baska Voda called Matejas Jozipovic says that renting Baska Voda deck chairs out is the most elaborate and profitable business on the coast.

"It doesn't matter how much is earned, nor does it matter how much ends up needing to be paid. This practice is the most developed and most profitable business in all of the Republic of Croatia. For 1,600 invested kuna, these people earn 400,000 kuna at the level of four election years. Because, of course, this is an election-related project,'' he said.

Jozipovic also said that you can't even find a place on the beach in the first place because everything is already reserved and booked in advance.

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