Croatian Communal Wardens Confiscating Beach Towels, 250 Kuna for Return

By 6 August 2021

August the 6th, 2021 - We recently wrote an article which looked into the old joke about German tourists waking up at the crack of dawn to strategically position their towels down by the pool or on the beach before anyone else got the same idea. Of course, this classic move isn't limited solely to Germans, and now Croatian communal wardens will be confiscating the belongings of anyone trying that old trick in one Istrian town.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, Croatian communal wardens have been arriving at various beaches in Medulin (Istria) at 08:00 in the morning, and picking up quite literally everything they find.

''If you aren't nearby to apologise and get your items back there and then, you'll find them in front of the Medulin Municipality building on the floor,'' explained one reader, who left her things on the beach. When she returned, everything had been removed, according to a report from 24sata.

''When you return you're in shock because your towels and everything else are just gone and you don't know who stole them. Then one good soul finds herself watching all of this and tells you that you have to go into Medulin to get your things back. What's even more absurd is that you have to pay a fine of 250 kuna otherwise you won't get your stuff back!

Our towels that we actually use for some purpose are just treated like trash in their opinion when they’re just thrown down on the floor. That just happened to me, and I was with a small three-month-old baby. I managed to take photos of the things they wardens refused to return to me.

We contacted the head of the Administrative Department for Communal Construction and Maintenance (Municipality of Medulin) Goran Perusko, and he told us that since the beginning of this tourist season Croatian communal wardens have been carrying out an action in which they collect towels and other stuff from the beach that people leave there during the night,'' the reader stated.

''People leave their towels on the beach during the night and early morning to''‘reserve'' the best positions. We've been carrying out this action all season so far. We were contacted by a lady who also complained about it, and we will see what happened and why her things were removed from her,'' said Perusko.

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