Most Croatian Vaccinations Administered in City of Zagreb

July the 26th, 2021 - With the tourist season in full swing and hopes for a longer summer season than last year high, the vaccination programme is still going full steam ahead. With some growing pains which caused issues at the beginning and still not enough people vaccinated with at least one dose, Zagreb is leading in terms of Croatian vaccinations.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, on Saturday, July the 24th, the number of total doses of administered vaccines against the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, reached 3,005,376, reports the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

A total of 1,620,106 Croatian residents have now been vaccinated with their first dose of the vaccine, of which 1,385,270 have been vaccinated with two doses, while the Croatian vaccination (full vaccination) was completed for 1,429,990 persons (with two doses and 44,720 doses of Janssen, which are single dose vaccines), added the Croatian Institute of Public Health in new statement.

“Even after consuming more than three million doses of the vaccine, HALMED has not received a single report of a suspected fatal side effect that has been found to be even causally related to vaccination. Of the 4435 reports of suspected adverse reactions received, the most commonly reported adverse reactions were fever, headache, muscle aches, chills, general feelings of weakness, fatigue, redness at the vaccine site, nausea and some joint pain. These are the expected side effects,'' stated the CNIPH head, epidemiologist Krunoslav Capak.

The highest coverage of those vaccinated with the first dose was achieved in the City of Zagreb (46.1 percent of the total population, ie 55.8 percent of the adult population), and the highest coverage of the completed vaccination processes was also achieved in the City of Zagreb (40.4 percent of the total population, ie 48.9 percent of the capital's adult population).

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