Zdravko Mamic Explains Why He Settled 52 Million Kuna Debt to State

July the 24th, 2021 - Dinamo Zagreb's former main man and undoubtedly one of the most controversial characters from Croatia, Zdravko Mamic, has spoken out about why he decided to settle his 52 million kuna debt with the Croatian state.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, after ex-football tycoon Zdravko Mamic decided to pay 52 million kuna to the state, which was obliged to do by the final verdict of the Osijek County Court for withdrawing money from Dinamo, he posted on Facebook on Thursday evening to explain a few things in his own words.

We're transmitting Zdravko Mamic's social media announcement translated into English:

"Never in history has such a heartless witch hunt been mounted against a man who brought billions of kuna to Croatian sport from abroad.

Never in history has one person been set up so that a man be sent to jail and convicted in a hotbed of crime, in a place where the only laws are racketeering, theft and blackmail.

Never before have a bunch of criminals, politicians and the media ever banded together to destroy one person and his family.

Never in history has a man been convicted about whom all prosecution witnesses, legal authorities and the injured party themselves claim was innocent.

Never in history has a man been convicted for lifting a football club up to the skies from the ninth round of hell.

After dedicating my life to building up Croatian sport, Dinamo and the national team, as evidenced by their results, I silently sacrificed the existence of my family and asked the woman of my life to pay 52 million kuna into the Croatian state budget. I did so on the basis of a verdict handed down by the servants of evil, by lovers of cash, by the suckers of state money, by drunkards, wretches and exploiters, whose abode will forever remain between prison and the pillar of shame, though I had every right to not do so.

I was convicted by criminals for an act I didn't commit. I've decided to pay into the Croatian state budget an amount that is more than a quarter of the sport budget of an EU member state of four million people. One single man has therefore paid as much as one million taxpayers. More than one thousand Croatian companies in a year. For the next three months, Croatian sport can live on my money. Or you can build seven schools. Or maybe a hospital. Or half a stadium.

In a poor country where I and my associates created over 50 millionaires with our own hands, without whom that country would be even poorer than it is. Why, you ask? Because Zdravko Mamic was never there for the money. I'm here because of passion and love, because that's my life. And because this is my life, I will soon prevent this situation from happening again in judicial reform. I'll make the judiciary [system] transparent to protect all of you. Soon.'' stated Zdravko Mamic.

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