Can People "Reserve Places" on Croatian Beaches by Leaving Towels?

July the 14th, 2021 - You probably remember the joke about the German tourists waking up at the crack of dawn to go down to the empty beach and leave their towels in a prime location to return to later, but can you do that at all on Croatian beaches?

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, whether or not we can arrive at Croatian beaches, throw down a towel and say ''this spot is mine'' is a question that has been circulating among the public over recent days. Goran Vojkovic, an expert in maritime and general traffic law, explained much more on the matter live for N1.

“It’s your space while you’re at the beach with that towel. Since way back during Roman times, the sea and the sea coast belong to something called the common good - an area without a holder, without any ownership. There is no ownership of this sort of maritime domain, and these are beaches as a whole which are six metres from the shoreline, with rare exceptions, and everyone can use them,'' said Vojkovic when discussing Croatian beaches and the old towel reservation tricks.

"The coast is nobody's property," he stressed, adding that the only way that might be different is if the beaches are part of concessions.

"If that does happen, then it needs to be paid very, very well for. There are very few in Croatia who have successfully paid these concessions because it is extremely expensive. Only a few hotels and camps in all of Croatia have concessions like this,'' said Vojkovic.

"All of the people leaving their towels and other stuff on the beach in order to try to reserve a particular location, people doing it in front of houses… None of this is legal. The beaches are for all of us. They're not even owned by the state, that's why these areas are called the common domain/good,'' he said.

"A towel on the beach without you means nothing,'' concluded Vojkovic.

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