Emmezeta Boss Says Banning Unvaccinated Customers Would be Problematic

July the 6th, 2021 - The Croatian Emmezeta boss has spoken out against the idea of only allowing those who are vaccinated, or those who have covid passports proving their negative test results to enter shopping centres.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, Slobodan Skolnik, President of the Management Board of Emmezeta, spoke on N1 Studio live about the announcements that unvaccinated people will not be able to enter shopping centres.

"We're worried, as usual, when measures are being taken that are not entirely clear. We have no details about them. It would be very good for the competent ministries and the Civil Protection Directorate to contact the HUP association and for all measures to be tested by the people who have to implement them in practice. It wouldn't be good to introduce an unenforceable or difficult-to-implement measure and one that would bring an additional burden,'' the Emmezeta boss stated.

He noted that they still don't have the exact details on what the measure should look like.

"I understand that this measure should replace the one about wearing masks. Shopping centres would be entered with a digital green pass and people who have it don't need to wear masks. I guess those who still want to wear masks could get into shopping centres without having a pass, maybe that’s the kind of mix in question.

If it were so drastic that those who aren't vaccinated cannot enter, it would greatly complicate the operation of such facilities. These facilities have a lot of entrances, they need more manpower, these are additional costs at hand. It would probably intimidate some people, some of them will feel that their rights are being violated because we know that vaccination is not mandatory. Every reasonable person advocates and encourages people to get vaccinated. We know that vaccination can reduce the number of people in hospitals and reduce the spread,'' the Croatian Emmezeta boss stated.

About how shopping malls should check who has a digital EU certificate, he said:

"You know how it goes, where a human is involved, there's a possible omission. Just wink at someone and walk inside. China has digitised it, there are readers everywhere. I don't know how long it would take for us to be digitally ready. But again, the problem remains with those who don't have a green certificate and who haven't been vaccinated.

He also said he didn't know if anyone from the shopping centres had actually contacted the government about these proposed new measures. He added that since the beginning of the pandemic, Emmezeta has been monitoring how many employees had to be isolated and how many were infected at any given time, adding that there was very little to speak of when it comes to isolation and infection within the company at all.

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