Petrov and Grmoja announce Lawsuits Against Zagreb Pride

By 5 July 2021
Petrov and Grmoja announce Lawsuits Against Zagreb Pride

July 4th, 2021 - The president and vice president of the Bridge opposition party on Sunday announced lawsuits against the Zagreb Pride organization, which accused them of spreading intolerance and homophobia and inciting division and hatred.

President Božo Petrov said on Facebook he would file a suit because of the untruths stated, adding that all his life, he had fought violence and condemned violent behavior.

"For days, I have been exposed to attacks just for stating that nobody has the right to impose what my child will learn and how I will raise them. And that it's my legitimate right to protect my child by asking that they be educated based on facts and social consensus. Have I perhaps attacked anyone? Deprived another man or child of a right? I haven't," said Petrov.

He asked what kind of aggressive group did not allow someone to state their view without being attacked.

The party's vice president Nikola Grmoja said Zagreb Pride accused him of sharing the responsibility for the incidents that occurred after Saturday's Pride Parade, calling this an attempt at censorship by equating any criticism of LGBT policies and activist goals with hate and a call to violence.

"I won't agree to that and will defend my right to free speech and to criticize all public stakeholders, including LGBT activists," he said on Facebook, adding that he would take legal action to protect his "constitutional and civil rights. Not just mine, but the rights of all people in democratic Croatia who want to think and speak freely."

Grmoja said that since raising the topic of early sexualization of children, the LGBT propaganda, and pedophilia in Croatian society, he received more threats and insults than ever in his life, as did his family.

"Professional human rights activists, as expected, have not said a word to protect our rights and defend our human dignity," he added.

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