Croatia's New Car Sales in January-May 2021 up 44% y-o-y

By 13 June 2021
Croatia's New Car Sales in January-May 2021 up 44% y-o-y

ZAGREB, 13 June, 2021 - A total of 19,167 new passenger cars were sold in Croatia in January-May 2021, a 44.3% increase from the same period last year, and 4,483 new vehicles were sold in May 2021 alone, over twice as many as in May 2020, show the data released by the Promocija Plus market research agency last Monday.

In the first five months of 2020, which were significantly affected by the negative economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, which began to produce a more significant effect in March, 13,286 new vehicles were sold, of which 2,173 were sold in May 2020, which is 2,310 fewer than in May 2021.

In the first five months of this year, Volkswagen sold the most new vehicles, 2,928, accounting for a 15.3% share in total sales. It was followed by Škoda with 2,420 new vehicles sold and a market share of 12.6%, Suzuki (1,202 vehicles, 6.3% share), Renault (1,198 vehicles), Kia (1,108 vehicles), Dacia (1,052), Opel (1,010) and Hyundai (984 vehicles, 5.13% share).

The best selling models in May were the Dacia Duster and the Škoda Octavia, with 164 units sold each, ahead of the Suzuki Vitara (160), the Volkswagen T-Roc (135), the Renault Clio (133), the Renault Megane (121), the Volkswagen T-Cross (103)) and the Opel Corsa (101).

In the first five months of 2021, the best selling model was the Škoda Octavia (977), and it was followed by the VW T-Cross (690), the Dacia Duster (679) and the VW T-Roc (642).

In January-May 2021, 10,354 petrol vehicles were sold, accounting for 54% of all sales, followed by 5,254 (27.4%) diesel-fuelled vehicles, 210 (1.1%) electric cars, 620 (3.2%) vehicles powered by natural gas and 2,729 (14.2%) hybrids.

So far this year, the largest number of cars were sold in the Zagreb region (8,184), followed by Šibenik-Knin County (1,799), Primorje-Gorski Kotar County (1,309), Split-Dalmatia County (1,240) and Osijek-Baranja County (1,113), while Lika-Senj County ranked last, with 69 new cars sold.

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