Gold, Silver, and Best Beer Award for Međimurje's Lepi Dečki at London Beer Competition

By 14 April 2021

April 14, 2021 - At the fourth edition of the prestigious London Beer Competition, held on March 17, 2021, the Međimurje Lepi Dečki brewery won three silver medals, a gold medal, and the "Best beer in 2021 for price/quality" award, which is just further proof of the international quality of Međimurje beers.

To win these medals, selected beers from Lepi Dečki brewery had to meet three value criteria - quality, price, and packaging.


Lepi Dečki took home as many as four medals, one gold and three silver, and the title of the best beer in terms of price and quality. Four beers were registered and awarded: Međimursko beer in the lager category, Čakovecko beer in the pilsner category, Regoč as imperial IPA, and Hyperbola as Russian Imperial Stout.


"We are extremely proud of this important award and recognition of our work. We are carrying four medals from London and the title of the best beer in the price and quality category," said the owner of Lepi Dečki, Danijel Radek. "We create the beer that the customer wants, that is attractive, high quality, and enjoyed, and this has been recognized by the industry that has supported and rewarded our philosophy."


Sid Patel, CEO of the competition, spoke on behalf of Beverage Trade Network:

“The craft beer revolution has spawned many new and rediscovered lost and forgotten beer styles. Our beer judges extensively tasted and discussed the qualities of all registered beers from the customer, beer lovers, and beer sommeliers, and the experts. The quality of the beer itself is evaluated professionally, but it is important to evaluate the quality of the packaging and the price-quality ratio. "


Beer was judged on a scale of 1 to 100 at the London Beer Competition, where beers with over 90 points won gold medals, while those with over 76 points won silver.

Lepi Dečki was founded in 2016 in Čakovec, and since 2020 it has been operating in a new production plant with a production capacity of 600,000 liters per year. They have as many as 18 different beers in their beer portfolio, and at the competition in London, four were awarded medals.

The first beer produced was Međimursko, a lager that received 82 points, with which Čakovecko, Pilsner, one of the most popular beers in the portfolio, were rated. The third silver medal with 83 points went to Regoč, until recently the strongest and most intense beer of the Imperial India Pale Ale style, a thick, full beer that pairs well with food.


"From the very beginning, we have been producing lagers, pilsners, and that has been our focus, so these awards are just a confirmation that we are going in the right direction," adds Radek. "In addition to the basic lager portfolio, of course, we also do intense, demanding styles such as Regoč and Hyperbola, which are our best-rated and praised beers by default!"


The winner among the beers at the competition in London in the price-quality ratio category is Hyperbola, a thick, dark, complex beer in the style of the Russian imperial stout, with notes of chocolate, coffee, and spices. The density of beer and abundant earthy notes, flavors, and aromas of berries and milk chocolate can be felt on the palate.

All beers of the Lepi Dečki brewery are distributed nationally, and with this latest recognition, we do not doubt that exports will start soon.

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