Google Maps Returning to Film Croatia After a Decade!

April the 8th, 2021 - After approximately a decade, Google Maps is set to return to the country's streets and roads to film Croatia once again in order to make what are likely to be many updates and changes.

As Darko Bicak/Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the funny looking Google Street View cars are returning to film Croatia this spring. In the coming months, the car will embark on a journey touring many cities, towns and covering many streets and roads across the entire country. The goal of the Google Maps Croatian re-run will of course be to update Google Street View photos of cities, roads, and highways across the Republic of Croatia on the wildly popular Google Maps platform.

Thanks to the Google Street View service, users have the opportunity to view most Croatian cities and many historical sights such as Orlando's Column in Dubrovnik, St. Jacob's Cathedral in Sibenik and much more, as well as natural beauty the country possesses such as Papuk Nature Park.

Google is aware that infrastructure in cities, but also between cities, alters and develops over time, sometimes quickly and that sometimes natural disasters leave their mark on the landscape of a country, so their photos need to be updated regularly. The new photos taken as they film Croatia once again will help users navigate even better and plan their upcoming trips more easily.

Street View is a popular Google Maps feature available in more than 220 countries around the world, as well as parts of the Arctic and Antarctic. Thanks to the platform, users can see different streets and cultural and take a peek at national heritage sites in 360 degrees. It is also available via Google Earth, as is Google Maps for mobile phones.

Here in Croatia, the Street View service has been available since back in 2012 and is constantly updated to provide the most accurate picture of reality within the country. In addition to the streets and roads, Google also photographed pedestrian zones of various Croatian cities and other places to which cars don't typically have access, such as Split's Riva or the very heart of the Old Town of Varazdin.

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