New Variants Cause Rijeka Coronavirus Infection Rate to Climb

Rijeka, Croatia
Rijeka, Croatia

March the 8th, 2021 - The epidemiological picture in Croatia went from terrible to very favourable indeed in a short time of just a few weeks, but with the arrival of new variants of the novel virus, things could go sour yet. The Rijeka coronavirus infection rate has unfortunately started to climb once again as new, sometimes more infectious variants circulate.

As Index writes, the chief epidemiologist of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County Public Health Institute told Dnevnik HTV that the increase in the number of patients in the wider Rijeka area and indeed in that county is clearly being influenced by the spread of new variants of the novel virus.

"The new variants of the virus have a higher disease transmission potential than the standard strain does. Another reason is that we went into certain concessions when it comes to our anti-epidemic measures that led people to believe that they could relax. They used less protection like maintaining social distancing, wearing masks and avoiding gatherings. We witnessed gatherings that were even publicly visible, especially among young people, but also during other various events," said Roncevic when referencing the Rijeka coronavirus infection rate´s unfortunate increase.

He stressed that vaccination against the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, will continue and they are now preparing for a situation in which there will be significantly more vaccines at hand so that more people will be able to be vaccinated in a short time.

“We will probably continue to use Zamet Hall on Saturdays,” Roncevic quickly added.

In Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, the number of new cases has been increasing in recent weeks, including in the more concerning setting of the Rijeka Clinical Hospital, where far more vulnerable individuals who are already in need of medical care are situated. The epidemiological situation in that county, when compared to previous months, was marked by a higher number of infected children among those attending school, as well as among young people.

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