20 Dubrovnik Students Produced Beer from Oats

By 5 January 2021
20 Dubrovnik Students Produced Beer from Oats

January 5, 2021 - Exciting news from Dubrovnik students who have produced beer from oats!

Several students studying in Dubrovnik participated in the craft beer production project in these challenging times; from procurement, production, transportation to marketing.

Students studying at RIT Croatia in Dubrovnik produced an unusual craft beer. Specifically, they received a donation of barley from America and made a pre-prohibition lager, HRT reports. Pre-prohibition lager is a specific lager for which one uses cereals and they have chosen oats.

The project aims to establish a supply chain between the United States and Dubrovnik. Students were fully involved in the production process; from procurement, production, transportation to marketing.

According to HRT, the product was supposed to be presented at a charity festival, but due to the coronavirus, unfortunately, this did not happen.

"There were 20 of us students. I enjoyed it, primarily because I gained a lot of practical experience. Now I know what it is like to work under difficult circumstances," said student Dejana Kušić for HRT.

The students discovered that the coronavirus forced them to adapt to the new way of working in a short time, but that made them ready for various changes, and they even expressed a desire to brew beer again and expand the project to other Croatian craft breweries.

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