Civil Protection Headquarters Staff Get Vaccinated, Vili Beros Doesn't

By 5 January 2021

January the 5th, 2021 - Croatia's Civil Protection Headquarters staff have received the coronavirus vaccination and have urged others to be responsible, Health Minister Vili Beros, however, did not have the vaccine, but has stated that he will do so as soon as his recently acquired immunity expires, so in three months.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, at the press conference of the Civil Protection Headquarters, in front of the cameras, the director of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases, Dr. Alemka Markotic, the director of the CNIPH Krunoslav Capak and Minister of the Interior Davor Bozinovic, received the new coronavirus vaccination, while Minister Vili Beros said that he wouldn't be getting vaccinated for now.

“I was in doubt about what to do myself because I got over the illness. My position is as follows, I'm absolutely in favour of vaccination. At this point I've acquired immunity. I don’t think it’s ethical for me to be vaccinated at the minute, I publicly promise to get vaccinated when my immunity passes within the next three months. I must mention that I'm not the only one who has overcome the disease. As for all of us who are three to six months from recovery from the disease, I don't think we should be vaccinated yet, but we should do so when our acquired immunity expires. I will get vaccinated when the profession says I should,” Minister Vili Beros said.

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