Island Vir Turned Image Around Within 15 Years - From "Black" to "Green"

By 2 December 2020

December the 2nd, 2020 - Island Vir, which lies within Zadar County northwest of the mainland town of Nin, has found its name being publicised for both good and bad reasons throughout the years. From being the proverbial 'home' of illegal construction to being the most idyllic place one might think of for a Dalmatian island getaway, island Vir has had the full spectrum of publicity.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, Spomenka Djuric, State Secretary of the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds, spoke about the optimal use of the Fund for Recovery and Resilience in order to encourage reforms, accelerate investment and create the proper conditions for sustainable economic development in accordance with the Green Plan. MEP Romana Jerkovic additionally presented a new social model based on green and digital transition. E.ON Croatia Board Member Andreas Rörig spoke about the company's climate strategy. The mayor of island Vir, Kristijan Kapovic, made sure to present Vir's shining example of good practice.

"Vir has gone from being a ''black'' island to being ''green'' in about fifteen years as our independent political party runs the municipality," Kapovic said firmly.

The island's budget has grown from five million kuna to about 40 kuna, and the population has increased tenfold to 4,000 permanent residents, which, given the otherwise dire demographic picture across Croatia, is a real achievement indeed.

"We didn't invest in representative buildings and facilities, monuments and churches, but in what people actually need - infrastructure and decent living conditions. Almost all of our students attend school free of charge, their transportation and textbooks, all the way to their scholarships are generally free. We're a rarity in Europe as well because we have a constant influx of population who come here on all grounds.

Investments in our water supply and sewerage system have led to an increase in the number of renters to 2,000, who, as a result of that, offer more than 15,000 beds. We'd also like to point out that we have the longest beach in all of Croatia and on the islands, stretching for thirteen kilometres,'' said Kapovic.

Island Vir's dramatic turnaround in a relatively short time could see other islands attempt their own respective catch up missions, because of an island which has unfortunately had as much negative publicity (be that warranted or not) as it has positive, then anywhere in Croatia can also follow the same path.

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