VIDEO: 600 Chinese Workers Working on Peljesac Bridge Construction

By 21 October 2020

October the 21st, 2020 - The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has seen many a planned investment shelved in anticipation of more stable times or simply binned entirely. When it comes to the Peljesac Bridge construction, however, things are going full steam ahead in spite of the challenging times in which we continue to find ourselves. 

The pandemic year has of course caused issues of its own to the Peljesac Bridge construction plans, with the long-awaited bridge being built by Chinese workers who had their own various issues with the delivery of not only the necessary equipment and parts, but of themselves as a result of quarantines and testing.

The Peljesac Bridge saga is an apparently endless one, but this long-anticipated strategic Croatian project finally kicked off thanks to European Union (EU) funds and a keen Chinese consortium. The bridge, which will eliminate the need for those crossing from the extreme south of Dalmatia into the rest of the country or back again to cross into neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina (Neum), as as important to the European Union as it is to Croatia, as it will link EU territory.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the Chinese workers aren't letting anything get in the way of getting the job done on the Peljesac Bridge construction site down in sunny Dalmatia, and as many as 600 of them are currently working on making sure things stay on track. 

The N1 team recently paid a visit to the Peljesac Bridge construction to check how the coming together of one of the largest strategic projects in Croatian history is progressing in these trying times.

The Chinese workers currently working on the bridge, all 600 of them, don't leave the construction site and work at full capacity. In the spring of 2022, the works are expected to finally be completed, reported Hari Kocic.

Watch the video below:

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