PHOTOS: 22 Incredible Varazdin County Holiday Homes

By 20 October 2020
Kuća Lješnjaka, one of the incredible Varazdin County holiday homes
Kuća Lješnjaka, one of the incredible Varazdin County holiday homes © Varaždin County Tourist Board

October 20, 2020 - Escape to nature and peaceful seclusion in one of these incredible Varazdin County holiday homes

This year we've been forced to adapt. Our perspectives and priorities have changed. Sacrifices have been made. With stress coming from new angles, one sacrifice that many simply don't want to give up is their holidays. And nor should they.

Brvnara Noah

Brvnara Noah3.jpg

Brvnara Noah4.jpg

Brvnara Noah.jpg

Introduced at just the right time for a new type of getaway, Varaždin County Tourist Board's 'My Varaždin Holiday' website showcases beautiful rural holiday homes that offer an escape into nature and peaceful seclusion. Here are incredible photos of 22 Varazdin County holiday homes from the portfolio.

Country House Imanje Pijevci

Country House Imanje Pijevci2.jpg

Country House Imanje Pijevci.jpg

Eva's House

Eva's House.jpg

Flower Street House

Flower Street House.jpg

Taking a break and getting away from it all has arguably never been more needed. While the crowded parties and packed resorts of previous holidays must remain a memory for now, that doesn't mean you have to forgo your much-needed vacation altogether.

Hiža Golubić

Hiža Golubić2.jpg

Hiža Golubić.jpg

Holiday Home Bitosevje

Holiday Home Bitosevje.jpg

Holiday Home Bitoševje.jpg

Holiday Home Boltar

Holiday Home Boltar.jpg

Holiday Home Brezovec

Holiday Home Brezovec.jpg

Holiday Home Burg

Holiday Home Burg.jpg

Most of the Varazdin County holiday homes are detached, offering privacy, peace and calm for you and your family or friends.

Holiday Home Kopjar

Holiday Home Kopjar2.jpg

Holiday Home Kopjar.jpg

Holiday Home Maturanec

Holiday Home Maturanec.jpg

Holiday Home Milk & Honey

Holiday Home Milk & Honey2.jpg

Holiday Home Milk & Honey.jpg

Holiday Home Mintas

Holiday Home Mintas2.jpg

Holiday Home Mintas.jpg

Some 34 Varazdin County holiday homes are the first participants in the project. Each of the holiday homes is unique.

Kuća Lješnjaka

Kuća Lješnjaka2.jpg

Kuća Lješnjaka.jpg

Moments Pool House Trakošćan

Moments Pool House Trakošćan.jpg

Oak Cottage / Apartman Matak

Oak Cottage Apartman Matak.jpg

Oak Cottage Apartman Matak2.jpg

Pool Jacuzzi Dreams

Pool Jacuzzi Dreams.jpg

Many hold a rustic architecture that blends in with their natural surroundings. Others are ultra-modern and hold outdoor swimming pools, indoor pools and jacuzzis.

Pool Village House

Pool Village House.jpg

Pool Village House2.jpg

Rural Holiday Home Domus Antiqua

Rural Holiday Home Domus Antiqua.jpg

Rural House Gabriela

Rural House Gabriela.jpg

Most have incredible views and stunning interiors. Each has a different story to tell. Not dependent on the season. Varazdin County holiday homes have a year-round appeal.

Villa Barbara

Villa Barbara2.jpg

Villa Barbara.jpg

Villa Mila

Villa Mila.jpg

All photos © Varaždin County Tourist Board / Siniša Sović / Domagoj Miletić

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