100 Leading Croatian Restaurants and Their Recipes Presented in Rijeka

By 8 October 2020
100 Leading Croatian Restaurants and Their Recipes Presented in Rijeka
Slobodan Kadic

October 8, 2020 - For 25 long years, the book "100 Leading Croatian Restaurants and Their Recipes" published by Abisal carefully recommends everything worthwhile in Croatian gastronomy.

Restaurants with the Restaurant Croatica label are esteemed top gastronomy temples, so domestic and foreign lovers of fine food always know where to find what they have been looking for all their lives. The latest edition of the burgundy cover saw the light of day a few days ago and was presented at Botel Marina in Rijeka's port.

Leading restaurants are presented with text, pictures, and recipes of specialties and information that is worth seeing and experiencing in their surroundings. In addition to the restaurants that have been selected among the top 100, the book also presents quality and top products that can be found on the table and destinations with their gastronomic and oenological advantages.


Slobodan Kadic

The project "100 Leading Croatian Restaurants - Restaurant Croatica" has been implemented continuously for 25 years and is the oldest national brand of quality in catering. Holders of the title are gathered in the Gastronaut Club, which has so far organized over 120 thematic gastronomic gatherings and advocates the presentation of destinations, potentials, culture, and history through the prism of gastronomy. The project leader is Karin Mimica, who started it in 1995 in cooperation with the then Croatian Economic Forum. During November and December last year, guests voted for restaurants through www.gastronaut in the first part of the (there were over 2400 restaurants in the competition), and in the second part, caterers.


Slobodan Kadic

"The Honorary Committee of the project gave the final word by checking the data related to the offer and service of restaurants and established a list that we can be proud of throughout the country and which is the basis for a guide to 100 leading Croatian restaurants and their specialties," says Karin Mimica, project manager of Gastronaut.


Slobodan Kadic

The selected restaurants also become holders of the Restaurant Croatica 2020 title. In addition to the plaque, they are also awarded a label that leads to the book's online edition in Croatian and English via a QR code. The printed edition has already been distributed to bookstores, larger kiosks, and post offices.

sto vodećih.jpg

Slobodan Kadic

"Voting for the 26th edition of the leading Croatian restaurants has already begun, so I ask the esteemed readers of Total Croatia News to propose new restaurants, vote for those evaluated, and actively participate in the selection," concluded Mimica.

Only eight Slavonian restaurants were on the list of the best. The latest ones have not yet had a chance to prove themselves, but they need to persevere in building quality. Slavonian restaurants in the edition are Višnjica from Višnjica, Schon Blick from Vetovo, Zlatni lug from Donji Emovac, Krčma kod Ruže from Osijek, Josić from Zmajevac, Kormoran from Bilje, Baranjska kuća from Karanac, and Dunav from Ilok.

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