Exhibition of Funny Croatian Mountain Rescue Service Tweets Opened

By 20 September 2020
Exhibition of Funny Croatian Mountain Rescue Service Tweets Opened
Croatian Mountain Rescue Service/HGSS/Hrvatska gorska služba spašavanja/Facebook

September the 20th, 2020 - If you've ever paid a visit to the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service's (HGSS) Facebook page or Twitter, you'll likely know about their sometimes hilarious posts and photos warning would-be mountain climbers against such things as tackling Biokovo in mid August wearing flip flops or floating to an alluring island on an inflated flamingo. Now Croatian Mountain Rescue Service tweets have their own exhibition.

As Morski writes on the 19th of September, 2020, the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service opened an interesting exhibition in Zagreb on Friday. The exhibition of Croatian Mountain Rescue Service tweets entitled ‘Trending # HGSS70’, showcases some the most creative Croatian Mountain Rescue Service tweets posted on the popular platform.

The author of the posts is Jadran Kapovic, who told N1 on Friday that those who were rescued are never angry at the tweets that are written about them, among other things - because they never discuss the personal information of those who are rescued, and they've also noticed an actual decrease in the number of interventions thanks to their witty style of communication on social networks.

Few people communicate so successfully on social media as HGSS, whose posts are often received with a laugh. Jadran Kapovic says that the goal of these Croatian Mountain Rescue Service tweets is to teach people to learn from other people's mistakes.

''The public recognised our way of communication as something different. Our other activities are different from those of others, so our communication is wrapped in a satirical and cynical kind of cellophane,'' Jadran said.

He added that they never mention any names, nationalities or in any other way reveal the identities of those who have been saved. "The goal is to teach people to learn from other people's mistakes, to avoid finding themselves in such a situation - the goal is educational and proactive. Many people have contacted us after we rescued them and thanked us, there's no anger here,'' he said, pointing out that thanks to the level of engagement with their social media posts, the number of interventions has been reduced.

The exhibition is open from the 19th to the 25th of September in Creations/Kreacije, ie Uranija on Kvaternikov trg in the City of Zagreb.

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