VIDEO: Komiza Firefighters Carry Disabled People to Watch Sunset

By 11 September 2020
VIDEO: Komiza Firefighters Carry Disabled People to Watch Sunset

September the 11th, 2020 - In a sea of bad news and economic concerns as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, life has become a bit depressing and each and every positive, uplifting headline is one to cherish. One such story is that of some Komiza firefighters carrying two disabled people up the side of a mountain to a viewpoint so that they could watch the sunset.

Croatian firefighters are usually busy with dealing with forest fires caused by the extreme heat mixing with the dry Dalmatian bush, or unfortunately by arsonists at this time of year, but that doesn't stop them from taking some time out to help those in need to fulfil their wishes. Komiza firefighters have caused a wave of positivity and appreciation as they trudged up to Hum carrying a girl with cerabal palsy with them so she could see the sun go down. But she wasn't the only one...

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 10th of September, 2020, honourable members of the Voluntary Fire Brigade of Komiza from the beautiful Dalmatian island of Vis delighted the Croatian public after taking a girl with cerebral palsy up to Hum so she could enjoy the sunset.

"Today, we responded to the initiative of our member Nadja Ramic to enable a person with cerebral palsy to enjoy the most beautiful sunset - the one from Hum. Since the last 50 metres leading up to the viewpoint are in a very bad condition, our members helped to carrt the person to the viewpoint,'' they Komiza firefighters stated.

The moment they were carrying Doris to the Hum viewpoint, they noticed another person with a disability. It was no less than the Croatian travel writer Slaven Skrobot who also wanted to watch the stunning sunset from the same place, so the Komiza firefighters helped him as well.

"At that moment, there was another person with a disability nearby, whom we also brought to the viewpoint," said the selfless members of DVD Komiza on their official Facebook page.

Watch the video below:

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