VIDEO: Group of Dolphins Playfully Follow Boat Near Vrgada

By 8 September 2020
VIDEO: Group of Dolphins Playfully Follow Boat Near Vrgada

September the 8th, 2020 - The beautiful Croatian island of Vrgada is located between the historic mainland Dalmatian cities of Sibenik and Zadar in an archipelago just northwest of Murter and south of the popular Biograd na Moru. With its highest point being Srabljinovac and a population of under 250 according to the 2015 census, Vrgada is just about as close to an idyllic paradise as one can get.

The sole settlement on the island of Vrgada bears the exact same name and much like the vast majority, if not all Croatian islands, fishing plays a vital role in Vrgada's local economy. For tourists who pay it a visit, it is like turning the clock back to much simpler times and the island boasts a charm rarely seen elsewhere. This charm is only added to when you throw dolphins into the mix.

Dolphins are by far one of the world's favourite animals. They are known for their high intelligence and their friendliness with humans, even those who are unknown to them. The Croatian coast is definitely a place in which dolphin sightings, as well as sightings of sharks, turtles and even whales, are fairly frequent.

As Morski writes on the 7th of September, 2020, as stated, dolphins aren't a particularly rare sight on the Croatian coast, and this summer especially people have been reporting sightings of playful and curious dolphines swimming and jumping just a few metres away from swimmers or people in boats in general.

One reader of the Dalmatian portal Dalmacija Danas had a nice experience precisely near the truly picturesque island of Vrgada recently at about 07:00. While in the boat, a group of dolphins appeared and then followed the boat for a while, clearly curious and wanting to interact.

Watch the video of these magnificent creatures filmed near the island below:

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