Unlucky Name! Four-Star Corona Hotel Near Sinj Evokes Varied Reactions

By 6 August 2020

As Novac/Lenka Gospodnetic writes on the 5th of August, 2020, in Brnaze near Sinj, there is a four-star hotel, but with an unfortunate name - the Corona hotel.

As Slobodna Dalmacija reports, the Corona hotel's owner Mario Basic, who runs the Sedile company, in whose portfolios the hotel is located, says he will not change the name.

''We're not the only ones called corona: there is also the beer, boats, and millions of hotels around the world! One hotelier said: let the virus change its name, because I'm not going to!'' said Basic.

Otherwise, the Corona hotel's owner is engaged in the production of furniture, has five workers and very full hands. Everything in the Corona hotel is made in Sinj, by hand, from home-made wood and leather, he says.

When asked if there were cancellations for the Corona hotel due to its unfortunate name, he said there weren't, but there was stagnation due to the virus which has made this hotel's name so unlucky.

''For example, there's no one at the moment, but we're full for Alka and Velika Gospa! Our guests aren't only pilgrims here for religious tourism, we have a lot of business people because we're in a good place, we have four stars, we have a "bed end breakfast" option and it's a good price: in the heart of the season, it's 450 kuna per person for a bed and breakfast,'' says the hotel owner, adding that the Corona hotel's staff didn't work for work a month and a half, like everyone else, but they kept all of their staff.

People who come, and those who pass, admits Basic, often make fun of the name, and there are those who certainly react. Some laugh, others take pictures, and some - when they see the name of the hotel - cross themselves.

But there are reasons why no one should avoid spending the night at the Corona hotel, regardless of the ongoing pandemic bearing the same name, claims Basic.

''This is a great place for excursions, Sinj is close by, the Cetina river, rafting and canoeing, quad-driving, horseback riding. And then there's the opportunities for river fishing, the Krka waterfalls. Split! All the beauty of the world. So, who cares about the virus, or its name? It's normal for us to diligently disinfect everything, and with respect to everything else, let's not be petty,'' concluded the Corona hotel's owner from Brnaze.

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