25th Edition of 100 Leading Croatian Restaurants Presented

July 9, 2020 - A true gastronomy lover will rarely miss the edition of "100 leading Croatian restaurants and their recipes". For 25 years now, Karin Mimica, the leader of Gastronaut, has published this important issue, which informs all those interested about the best gastronomy Croatia has to offer.

Leading restaurants will be presented with text, pictures and recipes of home specialties and information on what is worth seeing and experiencing in their surroundings. In addition to restaurants selected from among a hundred leaders, the book presents quality and top products that can be found and destinations with their gastronomic and oenological advantages, says Mimica, who launched the project back in 1995 in collaboration with the then Croatian Economic Forum.

The project "100 leading Croatian restaurants - Restaurant Croatica" has been implemented continuously for 25 years and is the oldest national brand of quality in catering. The titleholders and leaders are also united in the Gastronaut Club project, which has so far organized over 120 thematic gastronomic gatherings and advocates the presentation of destinations, potentials, culture and history through the prism of gastronomy.

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During November and December last year, in the first part of the election, guests voted for restaurants through the portal (there were over 2400 restaurants in the competition), and in the second part, caterers. The final word was given by the Honorary Committee of the project by checking the data related to the offer and service of restaurants and determining the list of restaurants that we can be proud of at the state level and which is the basis for a guide through 100 leading Croatian restaurants and their specialties.

Selected restaurants also become titleholders of Restaurant Croatica 2019, and in addition to a plaque, they are also awarded a sticker that leads to the online edition of the book in Croatian and English via QR code, concluded Mimica.


The print edition will be distributed to bookstores, larger kiosks and post offices in early August. Awarding the Restaurant Croatica plaque this year has been postponed to October 6, 2020, so that the caterers can join after the main season. By no means should you miss this valuable publication, and everything else that happens will be finger-licking good.

Note: Only eight Slavonian restaurants were on the list of the best. The newest ones have not yet had a chance to prove themselves, but they should not lose hope. A great refreshment is certainly restaurant Zlatni lug from Donji Emovac near Pozega, which with its top offer of food and wine in an authentic cellar (with decent prices) stands out significantly from all restaurants in the area. Other restaurants are: Visnjica from Visnjica, Schon Blick from Vetovo, Krcma kod Ruze from Osijek, Josic from Zmajevac, Kormoran from Bilje, Baranjska kuca from Karanac and Dunav from Ilok.

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