Croatian Telecom's 5G Network to be Built by Ericsson Nikola Tesla

Croatian Telecom's 5G Network to be Built by Ericsson Nikola Tesla

As Bernard Ivezic/Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 24th of June, 2020, Croatian Telecom (Hrvatski Telekom) has contracted four years of exclusivity with Ericsson Nikola Tesla to build its future 5G network.

Currently, not all of the preconditions have been created for construction, not only in the form of permits but also free frequencies and the spread of devices that could support the new network. Alas, construction is expected to begin next year, when telecommunications regulator Hakom has announced a tender for 5G.

The value of the contract has not yet been announced. Kostas Nebis, President of the Management Board of Croatian Telecom, has emphasised that this is the first 5G contract in the Republic of Croatia and that Ericsson NT has become the exclusive supplier of the radio part of the mobile network until the year 2024.

"Cooperation with ENT is the latest example of our support to the economy and society, by which we're continuing to invest in the network and we're connecting everything in Croatia with the possibilities of digitalisation," said Nebis.

He added that they are continuing their cooperation on the modernisation of the radio part of the network. In the last two years, Croatian Telecom has directed the whole part towards the introduction of the 5G standard. In addition to the modernisation of the mobile network, they have worked on pilot projects for 5G in the frequency band 3.5GHz to 100 MHz on Krk, Samobor and in the City of Zagreb.

As part of the pilot project, the operator achieved data transfer speeds of 1Gbps in downloading data from the network and 58.2 Mbps in sending data to the network. Boris Drilo of Croatian Telecom stated back in February this year that their mobile infrastructure is now fully modernised and ready for the implementation of 5G.

Gordana Kovacevic, President of the Management Board of Ericsson NT, says that she is extremely pleased that after the first demonstration of 5G technology two years ago, they have now finalised it all by signing the first 5G contract here in Croatia.

"Ericsson has so far launched forty 5G networks on four continents, and I'm proud that as many as 1,500 of our 3,200 employees in Croatia are making a significant contribution to the development of new 5G network functionality within Ericsson's global R&D community," concluded Kovacevic.

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