Meet Fermai: New Art Nouveau Inspired Heritage Hotel Opening in Split

By 20 June 2020

June 20, 2020 - One of the most attractive hotels on the Adriatic will open at the end of June, enclosed within a protected cultural property, which once housed the Cooperative Association and later the University of Split. Meet Fermai, a new place for modern travelers

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"Exceptional architecture, top design with carefully selected details, modern, warm, Mediterranean flair - this is how the new luxury hotel Fermai in the center of Split could be described, just a few steps from Diocletian's Palace.

The century-old building, one of the few Art Nouveau in the city, is a masterpiece by architect Petar Senjanovic, and the sophisticated, unpretentious, relaxing interior is signed by the famous Studio Franic Sekoranja. A touch of Art Nouveau elegance, classic and vintage furniture combined with modern details, stretch throughout the hotel, 33 rooms, and two suites.

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Fermai is a great choice for modern travelers, lovers of superior design, ambient architecture, Mediterranean atmosphere, and true hedonists who want to experience the local atmosphere in the heart of the city. There is no doubt that the new, urban hotel will attract many citizens of Split who will enjoy their first morning coffee there," reads the announcement for the new hotel. 

The investor, the well-known Split company Quatro Company, invested HRK 42 million in the project, and all works were carried out in cooperation with the Conservation Department in Split.

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Slobodna Dalmacija reports that the building that once housed the Rectorate of the University of Split was sold to Quatro, owned by the entrepreneurial family Pulic for 2.7 million euro, at the beginning of 2018. The Rectorate moved to the former "Brodomerkur" administrative building on Poljicka (it should soon move to the University Library on Campus), and the sale price of the property in the Split center was set by Roko Mijanovic, a court construction expert.

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Mijanovic prepared a study on the market value of this 1218.1 sqm of real estate and concluded that each square meter is worth EUR 2,175.58. In the meantime, the Art Nouveau building was thoroughly renovated and transformed from an academic building (and formerly a Cooperative Association, as mentioned above) into a new heritage hotel.

You can learn more about Fermai here.

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