Everyone Thought Klepetan Was Dead, But He Has Returned to Malena!

Stjepan Vokic
Stjepan Vokic Screenshot

As Index writes on the 3rd of June, 2020, although everyone, including Stjepan Vokic who takes care of Croatia's famous stork couple Klepetan and Malena, thought that Klepetan sadly died last year, he has now returned to Brodski Varos and his beloved Malena.

Although at first he himself was not sure that it was Klepetan, Vokic, who knows the birds very well, now says that it is definitely him.

"It's true, he came back in April, they have three eggs so far, one broke, the cold weather had a bad effect on them... He was right there with me in the yard while she was sitting on her eggs," Stjepan Vokić told Index. Vokic himself freely admits that he is quite shocked by Klepetan's return this year as well after he was certain he had passed away.

"It was very shocking to me, he arrived here on March the 18th last year, it was too cold for them, their eggs were literally frozen, so he left on April the 18th. I thought then that he had gone to die, he didn't come back the whole time. It's the only thing I could think that had happened, but now he's here again. At the minute he isn't dancing around me, as if to apologise, I don't know how to interpret it differently,'' says Vokic, adding that there are several nests nearby, but that only Croatia's adored love birds Klepetan and Malena have any eggs at the minute.

Vokic has been caring for Malena and Klepetan for 27 years now, and this feathered love story has delighted the whole world.

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