Divers and Volunteers Remove 2 Tonnes of Rubbish from Murter Seabed

Murter, Croatia
Murter, Croatia

The discarding of waste, particularly harmful plastic, is an enormous problem across the world that various governments and indeed the EU has been trying to address and deal with. In Croatia, the improper disposal of waste has gradually become a problem bordering a total loss of control. On beautiful Murter alone, a massive two tonnes of rubbish was collected from the seabed.

As Morski writes on the 22nd of May, 2020, May the 22nd marked the the Day of Biological Diversity and the Day of Nature Protection in the Republic of Croatia. Organised by the municipality of Murter-Kornati, the local tourist board and the Šibenik powerlifting club, a team of about ten volunteers and divers from the Najada diving centre managed to remove a concerning two tonnes of garbage from Murter's seabed to the surface.

''We undertook a diving-coastal action with about two tonnes of garbage… with 10 or so divers and volunteers… I don't know what this action is by number, but I know that there will be more being done this year than there were last year, and last year there were more than 30 of them. They were coastal, forest, natural and underwater diving actions. I can freely say without modesty that when it comes to environmental protection, we work mostly at the local level, and globally, in terms of Croatia [as a whole], I'm sure that we're at the top. It's amazing how much garbage we collected, tonnes and tonnes of it,'' stated Goran Simic, president of the Šibenik powerlifting club, who also went on to explain why the action was takrn.

''There was no money to be had from doing this. We did it because that's the normal thing to do! Everything will come back. Because a couple of people, municipalities and others have already asked us for advice because they do their own eco actions, we had enough of just talking and people taking money from the budget for fairy tales… Because now that you go through Grebastica, Brodarica, Zablace, Murter, Sibenik, Tribunj, Kaprije, Raslina and other places, the land and the sea will both be clean… That's why… We don't care who leans to the left, to the right, who is a centrist, who is a partisan or who is an Ustasha. See you on Sunday in Zablace, Soline from 17:00 to continue this,'' announced Simic.

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