Croatian Chamber of Commerce Seeking to Relax Measures for Driving Schools

Croatia has gradually begun to loosen up its formerly stringent anti-epidemic measures, and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) is seeking more freedoms for driving schools and international drivers.

As Novac writes on the 4th of May, 2020, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce has asked the National Civil Protection Headquarters to relax some of the measures applicable to drivers in international road freight transport, as well as others which will provide better grounding for the start of driving school operations on May the 11th, 2020.

At the request of the members of the Road Freight Association, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce has proposed that quarantine and home/self-isolation measures for international drivers be carried out under the same conditions as drivers in domestic transport.

''According to the current regulations, a driver must not leave their house or their assigned accommodation where they're self-isolating, except in the case of a call from their employer for transport. On their return from a foreign country, they then begin a new cycle of self-isolation, and changing the driving and staying-at-home cycles in this regime can take up to a month, in some cases it takes even longer.

As the drivers operating under this regime don't have symptoms of illness, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce believes that they should be allowed to go to the store and pharmacy as needed and have a limited stay outside of their homes just like other people do,'' said the Croatian Chamber of Commerce's Vice President for Construction, Transport and Communications, Mirjana Cagalj.

The Association of Driving Schools of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce has also proposed that the measures for them be relaxed in order to enable the continued running of driving lessons from May the 11th onwards, with the application of horizontal and specific protection measures. They believe that with the education of staff and strict adherence to health regulations, both theory and practical teaching can be held smoothly, and they have been given specific suggestions on how to implement it by the National Cvil Protection Headquarters.

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