PHOTOS: A Split Spring in Self-Isolation

By 29 April 2020

April 29, 2020 - How does Split look during self-isolation? A collection of photos from our readers. 

On day 41, 50, or 500 in self-isolation (depending on your mood), we're relatively sure the flood of emotions everyone is feeling range from the positive 'there is a light!' to those of us going through the motions murmuring 'I'm okay...' to the inevitable 'WAKE ME UP FROM THIS NIGHTMARE'.

All emotions at this time, of course, are warranted. 

Those of us in Split, however, are quite lucky. After all, there could be far worse places to be stuck. Not only do we have the Adriatic Sea at our fingertips, but we're surrounded by mountains, forests, and ancient buildings that fuse to form the masterpiece that is the backdrop of our quarantine dreams. 

While we are still advised to #stayhome, solo walks and ventures outside are still permitted so long as groups of people don't gather. And with the quintessential spring weather we've been having, it's hard not to get outside to grab a small dose of Vitamin D - even if it's from the comfort of our balcony. 

Our always fabulous TCN readers sent in photos of Split over the last month as the typically busy streets emptied to flatten the coronavirus curve.

Whether you're here now or dreaming of your next trip, Split will always be this beautiful.


The Riva, almost unrecognizable. 


The West Coast without a soul in sight.


No visitors at FroggyLand, either.


The benches that usually host groups of Croatian singers in the summer are quiet in spring.


The Silver Gate of Diocletian's Palace.


Riva favorite Brasserie on 7. We can't wait to share a coffee with you here again.



The parking for the Riva, usually lined with vehicles, mopeds, and shoelace dealers.


Vacant Marmontova.


Grgur Ninski looking extra regal. 



Split's famous shopping street... without shoppers.



Usually bustling with buyers looking for everything from smoked meat to underpants.


And a busier Bacvice Beach at the first sign of warmer weather. 

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