Whale Spotted By Fishermen Near Šolta

By 19 April 2020

April 19, 2020 — Finally, a welcome intrusion into normal life!

The lack of human activity seems to be letting animals explore territory they surrendered to Homo Sapiens. The calm waters of the Adriatic are no exception.

Fishermen near the island of Šolta filmed a fin whale in the Adriatic, posting a video on Eko Peljesac's Facebook page. 

"Look at him!" the salty dogs shout, not cynical enough to hide their child-like joy. "Man, what a beauty! Madness.'

The fin whale is a protected species far away from home, Professor Alen Soldo from Split University told HINA. He didn't speculate how many could be in the waters near Šolta. 

"Since the Adriatic is a closed sea, it can happen sometimes that whales that go astray get lost and do not know how to return to the Mediterranean Sea, and sometimes they are stranded, as was the case several years ago on the Italian side of the Adriatic," explained Soldo.

Fin whales are harmless to marine vessels but can be dangerous to professional underwater cameramen, he added.

"In such cases, these whales know how to use their huge fins, which can be dangerous to cameramen if they hit them."

In other words: if you're going to take photos of a fin whale, stay dry.