Digital Zagreb: New E-Services Launched in Croatian Capital City

By 24 February 2020

The dawn of a digital Croatia should undoubtedly include a digital Zagreb, too.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 24th of February, 2020, presenting the new digital service, Miro Laco, the head of Mayor Milan Bandic's office, emphasised that by digitising the city's business processes, the City of Zagreb is clearly showing its willingness to implement innovative solutions in doing business.

The City of Zagreb has introduced a new digital service called e-Purchase Order, and thus, an increasingly digital Zagreb has fully implemented the digitised process of creating, signing and sending e-purchase orders in simple procurement procedures.

Signing a purchase order electronically and sending it electronically to the successful tenderer simplifies the entire administrative process, increases overall efficiency and reduces the cost and processing time. A total of 6,600 purchase orders were made in 2019. Multiple copies and physical copies were required for each of the 6,600 purchase orders, for which they needed to be delivered to five addresses. But with a more digital Zagreb, that is a thing of the past, and things getting faster, more efficient and cheaper.

The organisational improvement of business operations in the City of Zagreb is based on the management of business processes, initiated, encouraged and supported by the Mayor. Specifically, back in 2012, the Mayor's Office launched several projects to more quickly adapt to new business conditions and to adopt proper European Union administrative standards.

According to Mayor Milan Bandic, numerous online services for Zagreb are already available to both individuals and businesses, such as e-Offices, e-Education, e-Matica, e-Applications for funding programmes and projects of funded associations from the City budget, e-Baby, e-financial business, e-Purchase orders and much more.

A more digital Zagreb shows not only a step in the right direction (and indeed into the 21st century, for which it is more than high time, especially as Croatia holds the rotating EU presidency) but it also highlights its willingness to implement innovative solutions in business. In doing so, Zagreb is sending out the message that its administration is and wants to be an efficient citizen service and a real support to entrepreneurs.

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