One Croatian National Leaves Diamond Princess Cruise Ship, Five to Stay

By 19 February 2020

ZAGREB, February 19, 2020 - A Croatian national who stayed aboard the Diamond Princess ship as a passenger left the ship on Wednesday and five other Croatians are still on the ship because they are members of the crew, sources at the Croatian Foreign and European Affairs Ministry said on Wednesday.

Passengers on the Diamond Princess, where 540 cases of novel coronavirus infection have been confirmed, started leaving the vessel on Wednesday after spending 14 days in quarantine in the Japanese port of Yokohama.

In line with a decision by Japanese authorities, the passengers who meet the set conditions will leave the vessel first, to be followed by crew members, the ministry said.

The Japanese Health Ministry said that around 500 passengers exhibiting no symptoms of the novel coronavirus infection, who had tested negative for the infection and who did not have any contact with those infected with the novel coronavirus, would leave the vessel during the day.

"A Croatian national who was staying on the Diamond Princes as a passenger left the ship today. He is considered healthy and there are no restrictions on his movement," said the Croatian ministry.

"The other five Croatian nationals aboard the vessel who are crew members will continue their stay in quarantine aboard the ship, together with other crew members, even though they do not have symptoms of the disease," said the ministry.

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