Almost All Young Croatians Own a Smartphone and Most Live with Parents

By 3 February 2020

ZAGREB, February 3, 2020 - Almost all young people in Croatia own a smartphone, they are politically neutral, most of them still live with parents, and are mostly concerned about the environment, poverty and terrorism, according to a survey conducted by the Hendal market research agency among 500 young people aged from 16 to 30.

"The survey shows that 57% of respondents still live with their parents and one in three lives with a partner. Most of them plan to get married and have children: 50% of those interviewed say that they will almost certainly or probably do so, while 13% of them are already married; 70% plan to have children, and 9% already have children," the agency reports.

When shopping, 57% of young people consider brands to be of medium importance, while 23% give them considerable importance. A third of them know which brand they will buy before shopping. They mostly get information about products from their families and friends.

One in three respondents shops online and 59% do so periodically. The most popular online shopping site is eBay, where they mostly shop for clothes and electronics.

Around 70% of young people say that they are mostly or completely financially self-sufficient, and their main source of financial information is banks. 59% of respodents do not own real estate, and 39% save money on a regular basis.

Half of young people watch television on a daily basis, and almost all of them have a smartphone, which they use more than 3 hours a day, while a third of them use their smartphones for more than 6 hours a day, mostly as a means of communication.

The most popular social network is Facebook, and 27% of young people follow influencers from the domestic scene, with Ella Dvornik and Andrea Andrassy being the most popular.

Young people spend most of their free time with their parents, and 42% of them cook often. The most popular hobbies include various sports activities, in which 43% of young people engage. They read 10 books a year on average.

As for music, 50% say they listen to pop music, 44% listen to rock, and 39% to turbo-folk music. Petar Grašo is the most liked domestic musician, and Luka Modrić the most popular domestic athlete.

Almost 57% of young people travelled within the last three months, and mostly in Europe (Austria, Slovenia, Italy). The most popular Croatian destination was Zagreb.

"Over 90% of young people eat a cooked meal every day, and they in general eat food prepared at home more often. Young people mostly care for their health, and they trust doctors the most when it comes to health. They sleep 7 hours on average," Hendal says.

53% of young people are employed, and they are mostly satisfied with their job, 12% are unemployed and looking for work, 19% are in college, and 13% work and study.

"Around 60% of young people say that they are considering starting their own business. When asked if they would move to a different country for work, 33% said that they possibly would, 19% answered that they probably would, and 14% said that they definitely would," the agency found.

Only 50% of young people always vote, and 46% of them are politically neutral. 92% of young people are not members of any political party, and 95% are not members of trade unions. They place little trust in institutions and are neutral about the military, the EU, the police, and NATO.

As for global issues, 47% say they are concerned about poverty, 40% about terrorism, 37% about pollution, and 31% about global warming.

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