Scenic Eclipse Polar Yacht Owner Wants 5 More: 900 Million Euro for Croatian Shipyard?

By 16 January 2020

Yesterday, TCN reported on the incredible story of Scenic Eclipse, the world's first polar discovery yacht cruiser, built in Croatia, christened by Dame Helen Mirren, and winner of the Cruise Critic Best New Luxury Ship 2019. A ship which is unique and setting the standards in high-end luxury cruise tourism. Read the full story here

There have been developments to the story, as reported today in the Croatian media.


As Dnevnik/Ivan Forjan writes on the 15th of January, 2020, better business awaits the Rijeka shipyard 3 Maj and could arrive from as far away as Australia. After one of the most luxurious cruise ships in the world, Scenic Eclipse, was built in the Pula shipyard Uljanik last year, production should resume in Rijeka. The mega-investment is worth several hundred million euros in total.

scenic-eclipse-polar-explorer (6).jpg

Due to its state-of-the-art equipment, it can sail all the seas of the world, even through the very iciest of waters. It also boasts its own submarine and even two helicopters. Its production cost more than 200 million euros in total, and the vessel you're looking at was constructed in Uljanik in Pula, Croatia. It has already sailed half of the world.

scenic-eclipse-polar-explorer (7).jpg

(Dame Helen Mirren christening Scenic Eclipse in New York)

"This is one of the most sophisticated and elegant ships of this type. We can all be proud that such a ship was made in Croatia. What makes this ship stand out is the luxury, a penthouse of about 200 square metres, offering dishes from different cuisines from across the world, from Asian to French,'' points out Sasha Cokljat of Scenic Group.

scenic-eclipse-polar-explorer (4).jpg

(Scenic Group owner Glen Moroney at the christening of Scenic Eclipse)

Satisfied with the work done by Uljanik for them, Australian investors now want to build five more ships like this to be constructed at Rijeka's 3 Maj shipyard. Glen Moroney, the owner of Scenic Group with extensive shipbuilding experience, is behind the whole project. Glen himself has come to see the expertise of local shipbuilders several times now.

"We were able to keep that nucleus of knowledge that was in Uljanik in 3 Maj. The whole team is Croatian, and that's exactly what we base our further development on and we think we can do it in Croatia. We're looking for some modality for joint construction and we're also in talks with the 3 Maj shipyard and with the Croatian Government,'' Cokljat stated.

scenic-eclipse-polar-explorer (5).jpg

The Ministry of Economy has confirmed that there is serious interest from Australians. And what can be said about everything that has happened at 3 Maj which has produced more losses than it has ships in recent years? Hundreds of workers have left, but the quality of vessels made there is still recognised by investors.

scenic-eclipse-polar-explorer (3).jpg

"It would mean one big plus, one boat is not enough work, one has to strive to get as much work as possible. Many things have changed, first of all - we get paid, our salaries have become regular," said Dalibor Cupkovic of 3 Maj's Trade Union Committee.

Five new exclusive cruisers would be a guarantee that this would continue. The job would go on until least until 2026, which would mean a minimum of 900 million euros of new investments in the Rijeka shipyard.


TCN reached out to Moroney for comment on the potential deal:

"We are very much aware that the Government of Croatia is actively pursuing a solution for shipbuilding in Croatia and our wish is to progress this exciting proposal with the government and the shipyard. We have already proven that together with Croatian engineers and shipbuilders we can build one of the most sophisticated cruise ships in the world, even under extraordinary circumstances. Scenic Eclipse did not cost Croatian taxpayers a penny and no state guarantees were taken. We finished the ship ourselves and now that we have the knowledge and practical experience, we are very confident that we can build and deliver five more ships in Croatia. The Government is being very cooperative and open with us so I look forward to the positive development and future of Croatian shipbuilding.”


Great news potentially for Croatian shipbuilding, an industry where it has traditionally competed with the best in the world. From Tesla to Rimac Croatia has proved that it can deliver technologies that change and amaze the world. Scenic Eclipse and its fellow polar discovery yachts is the latest and could, just like Rimac, become Croatian top export technology product setting the standards globally.

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