Croatian Post Introduces New Service for Faster Parcel Delivery

By 12 January 2020

Croatian Post. The very words are enough to send shivers down the spine of anyone who has attempted to receive a package on time, or even at all, especially when said package is coming from abroad. That being said, could a new service improve things? Apparently.

As Novac writes on the 10th of January, 2020, in order to properly provide its customers with a simple, convenient and fast service, Croatian Post (Hrvatska pošta) has introduced the fast package delivery option in its offer - Paket 24.

Croatian Post's brand new service is one that covers the whole of the Republic of Croatia. It stresses that whether the package is going to city or to one of the country's 67 inhabited islands, and the package is contracted through the web application, at a post office or by calling a contact centre, then it will be covered by the service.

In addition, customers can choose delivery times as well as pick up locations for the package, and the service can also be ordered on Saturdays, too. Each shipment can be secured, and Croatian Post also provides services such as cash on delivery, delivery by return receipt, or requesting that the service be paid by a recipient who can track their package on the Croatian Post website in real time.

The new service is part of Croatian Post's strategy, which aims to further develop its core business, improve existing services and develop and introduc more new ones. As part of this, several months ago, a sorting centre was opened in Velika Gorica near the City of Zagreb, which Croatian Post claims to be the best logistics centre in this part of Europe.

Could Croatian Post finally enter the 21st century and end the senseless and outdated process of running around chasing undelivered packages that vanish into thin air? Hopefully.

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