Police Say Attack on Two Americans in Zadar Wasn't a Hate Crime

By 22 December 2019

ZAGREB, December 22, 2019 - Zadar police said on Saturday a criminal investigation of a physical assault on two US citizens in a night club in the coastal town showed the crime was not motivated by hate.

The police investigated two Croatian citizens aged 19 and 33 on suspicion that, in the early hours of October 20, they physically assaulted two US citizens aged 24 and 25, lightly injuring one, while the other refused medical assistance.

After the criminal investigation, a misdemeanour report has been filed against the two Croatians for disturbing the peace.

The investigation conducted so far shows the assault was not motivated by hate, police said, adding that the criminal investigation is continuing.

The two US citizens were African American soldiers and, the media reported in October, they were in Zadar on vacation and allegedly openly showed they were gay. The US Embassy in Zagreb condemned the attack, saying the well-being and security of US citizens abroad was one of the State Department's priorities.

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