VIDEO: First Parts of Peljesac Bridge Soon to Arrive from China

By 18 December 2019

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 18th of December, 2019, the spacer assembly, or the main load-bearing beam, is composed of elements that are made up of welded steel sheets. These parts will soon arrive from China to Croatia and mark the continuation of the next level of works on Peljesac bridge in Dalmatia.

The first segment of steel span structure for Peljesac bridge has now been fully completed at the plants over in China, and this is something that Peljesac bridge's Chinese builders have commemorated, as can be seen in a short video posted by Croatian Roads (Hrvatske ceste).

About 400 segments of the future bridge's steel span structure will be brought in by ships from China, some parts will be six metres long and some will be twelve metres long.

The first thirty segments from China will be well on their way to the Republic of Croatia, as was reported by Večernji list, who say that Croatian Roads (Hrvatske ceste) are expecting them to arrive in mid-January next year, and they are expected to arrive at Peljesac bridge's actual construction site in late January or early February 2020. Their total weight is an enormous 6,831 tonnes.

As stated previously, the spacer assembly, or main load-bearing beam, is composed of elements that are made up of welded steel sheets. The parts of individual segments of the bridge are assembled at the factory and then transported to the construction site.

The size of the parts that can be assembled at the factory depends on the ability to transport them to the construction site where they will be assembled as a whole to be installed at the final location, within the structure of Peljesac bridge, a long awaited and strategic project for the Republic of Croatia and for the connecting of the territory of the European Union.

Watch the short video video below:

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