Zagreb Average Monthly Net Salary Reaches 1005 EUR After Taxes

By 17 December 2019

The average monthly net salary in Zagreb is at 7,487 HRK (1005,71 EUR) and above 10,000 HRK (1342,28 EUR) in some sectors. In September, the highest Zagreb average net salary was recorded in the field of crude oil and natural gas extraction.

Average Net Monthly Salary 1005 EUR

The average monthly net salary for Zagreb employees reached 7,487 HRK in September, which is 0.31 percent higher than August and 4 percent higher than September of last year, according to the latest statistics from the Office for Strategic Planning and Development in Zagreb.

The average salary in September increased by 23 HRK (3,09 EUR) from August and by 288 HRK (38,69 EUR) from September of last year, according to Poslovni Dnevnik/Hina on December 17, 2019.

Zagreb Salaries 144 EUR Higher than Croatian Average

Compared to the average monthly salary for September for the rest of Croatia, which amounted to 6,418 HRK (862,11 EUR) – the average Zagreb monthly net salary for September is 1,069 HRK (143,60 EUR) higher.

According to recent statistics, the average Zagreb net salary for September in the economic sector was HRK 7,289 (979,11 EUR) and 7,883 HRK (1058,90 EUR) in non-economic sectors.

The highest recorded September average net salary reached 12,412 HRK (1667,27 EUR) for crude oil and natural gas extraction. That was followed 10,894 HRK (1463,37 EUR) for financial services, except for insurance and pension funds.


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Pharmaceutical, Computer, Marketing and Petroleum Industries Over 1340 EUR

Zagreb statistics registered net salaries in excess of 10,000 HRK in the manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and preparations (10,527 HRK), computer programming, consulting and related activities (10,473 HRK); the manufacture of computers, electronic and optical products (10,423 HRK); publicity and market research (10,208 HRK), and coke and refined petroleum products production (10,173 HRK).

Under 672 EUR in Manufacturing, Food and Beverage and Maintenance

By contrast, the city of Zagreb documented the lowest average September monthly net salary of 4,291 HRK (576,40 EUR) in the sector of apparel manufacture.

Zagreb statistics recorded an average net salary of less than HRK 5,000 in the following sectors. Metal manufacturing salaries averaged 4,432 HRK and textile/leather manufacture salaried were similar at 4,520 HRK. Monthly earnings for food and beverage industry employees amounted to 4,485 HRK. The average wage for building and landscape professions sits at 4,585 HRK. And other manufacturing industry wages are currently averaging 4,894 HRK.

Average Gross Salary Above 1412 EUR

According to statistics from the City Office for Strategic Planning and Development, the average gross salary for September in Zagreb amounted to 10,517 HRK (1412,72 EUR), which is by 0.07 percent lower on a monthly basis, but 4.26 percent higher on an annual basis.

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