Croatian Post Has New Service Available in 55 Offices in All Counties

By 12 December 2019

Croatian Post note that the running of their pilot project has shown that there is indeed an interest in this type of service, which is why they will offer cryptocurrency purchases at post offices across the country.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 11th of December, 2019, Croatian Post (HP) announced on Wednesday that it is expanding its cryptocurrency buying service to a total of 55 post offices in all Croatian counties, and has also announced that it will be possible to buy cryptocurrencies in the future at Croatian Post branches.

"Following the successful implementation and good results of our pilot project to buy cryptocurrencies in Zadar's post offices, Croatian Post is extending this service to a total of 55 post offices in all counties," HP said in a statement.

All Croatian and foreign users will be able to change their cryptocurrencies into kuna in a few simple steps, they say.

After an application is submitted, a QR code is scanned and the cash is received at the post office. It is possible to replace the five most commonly used cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, Ripple and EOS, Croatian Post explained, adding that detailed information on all services can be found on the website

"In recent years, more and more cryptocurrency users have been planning their trips in places where they can exchange their digital money into local currency. With the wide range of this service, Croatian cities will become even more interesting to many visitors," a statement from Croatian Post said.

A list of all Croatian post offices offering this service can be found on the Crypto Centre portal (, where a calculator is also available, which can help you find out how much kuna is offered for each cryptocurrency.

"The plan is to introduce the possibility of buying cryptocurrencies in Croatian Post post offices in the future, which will make the offices the central place for dealing with cryptocurrencies in numerous places across Croatia," they announced, noting that digitalisation is one of Croatian Post's development strategies and a driver numerous business projects.

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