Are These Four Croatian Cities Most Vulnerable to Earthquakes?

By 29 November 2019

The recent earthquake down in Albania came as a shock to everyone, and it was felt across Dalmatia, with residents of the Croatian cities of Dubrovnik to Zadar reporting having felt its effects. On top of that, an earthquake also struck Blagaj, near Mostar in neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was also felt strongly in Dalmatia.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 29th of November, 2019, with earthquakes striking very close to home, we really can't be sure when the next time Croatia will be hit really hard by Mother Nature. Which Croatian cities are the most vulnerable of all?

Two years ago, the Croatian Crisis Management Association published a very interesting account on the Croatian cities of Zagreb, Split, Rijeka and Dubrovnik in terms of their respective risk of earthquake casualties, Express reports.

According to the reportsl, the Croatian capital of Zagreb would take quite the hit indeed, at least in its very centre, Split is a surprising case as it is intersected by what have been deemed by the report to be high risk zones, and Rijeka and Dubrovnik, which was totally destroyed back in 1667, when 5,000 of its residents were killed - are also at a somewhat higher risk.

The seismic situation of Croatia and neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina is such that the most frequent earthquakes are along the Kvarner coastline, along the Dalmatian Hinterland, between Zadar and Šibenik, around the islet of Jabuk, and especially on the southern Dalmatian islands and throughout Herzegovina. This part of the story is directly related to Croatia's neighbour to the south, Montenegro, and its neighbour to the south, the recently hit Albania. Sources cite an article by students of the Surveying and Mapping Authority which is located in Zagreb.

In spite of all this detailed information, we cannot be truly sure when the next time in Croatia will be hit hard by an earthquake. We can however be certain that at some point in time, it will be. We can also be sure of which Croatian cities in particular a stronger earthquake than those we typically experience is most likely to strike, Express reports.

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