EU Funding "Unknown Krka" Project With 78 Million Kuna

By 16 November 2019

''Unknown Krka: Hidden treasures of the upper and middle reaches of the Krka river'' is a project being run by the Krka National Park public institution co-financed under the Operational Program of Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020. Its completion is planned for the 27th of May, 2020.

As Morski writes on the 15th of November, 2019, a grant from the European Regional Development Fund in the amount of 78,620,719.12 kuna was approved, while the total project value stands at 80,057,649.15 kuna.

The project includes a series of infrastructure interventions within Krka National Park itself, the design and introduction of new presentation and interpretation facilities, properly arranging footpaths, electrifying nautical traffic and improving the park's content management and visitation system. Krka National Park has explained what the project covers in more detail below.

The construction, decoration and proper equipping of the Eco Campus "Krka" visitor centre:

With the implementation of this project, the Eco Campus will become a unique destination within Krka National Park's offer. At the moment, works on the Temple of Nature natural history and presentation centre have been completed, for which a valid occupancy permit has been issued. The reconstruction of the building and the surrounding environment of the volunteer centre and the construction of an auxiliary building (engine room) have been completed and a work permit is expected to be issued soon.

Landscaping and the construction of the water supply and hydrant network and drainage system have now also been completed. The internal fitting out of the facilities still remains, abd documentation for that is currently being prepared. The opening of the Eco Campus to the public will occur upon receipt of all of the necessary permits, and no later than the deadline for the completion of the project.

The reconstruction and equipping of the interpretation centre: Krka - the well of life:

The centre relies on the fundamental role of the Eco Campus which has the key role of providing additional attractive content in the northern part of the park through the construction of an educational and presentation centre. Construction work on the site was halted on April the 30th due to the discovery of WW2 mines, which were immediately removed by the competent authority.

An inspection found that the mines no longer contained any explosive charges and as such didn't pose a risk to life or property. The ''NP Krka'' public institution implemented all of the procedures prescribed by law for the purpose of determining the safety of the works. Due to the justified suspension of the works, the contract term was extended for a period of five months.

Given the fact that the contractor didn't sign and agree to the addition of the contract and as such didn't continue with the works stipulated by that contract, the contract was terminated. In spite of the commotion, the completion of the construction of the aforementioned centre in Kistanje is foreseen by the deadline for completion of the project.

The repair, arrangement and proper equipping of three hiking trails:

Hiking trails are an extremely important part of expanding and completing the offer in the northern part of Krka National Park. Historic trails like Rimski put, Brljan - Manojlovac and Perice enable visitors to experience active walks and provide access to gorgeous upstream waterfalls. They also connect the Nečven fort with access to the left bank of the Krka river. The hiking trails are well-maintained and properly equipped, presented and open to the public.

The electrification of vessels:

The introduction of electric vessels will significantly reduce emissions and increase the transportation capacity of visitors. The more efficient redirection of visitors will allow for an increase in the number of visitors to midstream sites. The trial run has been carried out and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure has confirmed the names of the vessels, and their licenses and certificates are being obtained by the appropriate Croatian register, after which the vessels will be presented to the public and put into service.

The improvement of content and visitor management systems:

Building the necessary capacities for the sustainable and successful management of protected area resources, the integration of the surrounding area(s) through connecting with key stakeholders from the local community and the implementation of new educational programs will contribute to improving the quality of Krka National Park's visitor services. 

It will also contribute to overall visitor safety, the better preservation of natural heritage, and will attract more visitors into the northern part of the park. Within the framework of the aforementioned activities, an evaluation of the state of the park's management system was undertaken, an analysis of the reception capacity and a visitor management study (APUP) was carried out. The presentation of that study then followed. A security report on the use of visitor content in Krka National Park was also drafted. Thematic tourism products and volunteer programs are now being designed.

Publicity/promotion and visibility:

In order to improve the publicity/promotion and visibility of the project and the Krka National Park public institution, leaflets, brochures, posters, audio-visual presentations and a promotional film will be produced owing to the project.

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