Digital Transformation in Tourism: Split Boutique Hotel Says No to Print, Yes to iPads

By 15 October 2019

October 15, 2019 - The Briig Boutique Hotel in Split, in cooperation with the Hoteza platform, offers the Hoteza HotPad system as a unique way to communicate with its guests -  as and it’s also a sustainable solution.

HRTurizam writes that by using the Hoteza platform, they discarded all printed brochures and material, earning, among the first in Croatia, MINT's written approval of categorization. Digitization of tourism in the true sense of the word.

From now on, all hotel guests can communicate with the hotel staff via digital devices, which are at their service at any time. Furthermore, they also get a wealth of information about the hotel, destination, and interesting events in their vicinity.

“The relaxation and ease of communication that the guest achieves by using the HotPad system encourage them to explore all the options this solution offers. From various events they can enjoy or information about the lively city they are in, to the gastronomic delights they can experience in the privacy of their own room - who can say no to a luxurious bed-and-breakfast?” concludes Duška Žižak, Marketing and Sales Manager of the Briig Hotel in Split.

Hoteza’s HotPad interactive system enables guests of the hotel to communicate with the hotel staff in real-time via the iPad in their rooms. The system allows them to order food or drinks, book a massage or beauty appointment, order a room refreshment or something from the bar, with minimal effort through an elegant, user-friendly interface that invites them to explore the contents of the hotel itself, as well as the destination.

“We are dedicated to finding a personalized solution within Hoteza's platform for each project we work on. Briig proved to be an ambitious project with a clear goal and vision, while Hoteza was a logical choice because, on the technological side, we have fulfilled all expectations and the high rankings set by Briig,” said Damir Knežević, director of Hoteza.

Hoteza has operated on the regional market for only four years, and they already have numerous experiences and clients from both international and local markets - and their unique know-how sets them apart from the competition. It all began with the IPTV smart system and mobile applications, and expanded with market needs that required new, innovative ways to communicate with guests.

Hoteza provides hoteliers with smart and personalized hotel solutions across several smart platforms, notable for their Hoteza interactive TV system, HotPad interactive in-room tablet application, and Hoteza Mobile, a hotel application that offers all services at your fingertips.

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