New Traffic Light Alerts Pedestrians Looking at Mobile Phones

By 12 October 2019

ZAGREB, October 12, 2019 - A new type of traffic light has been installed in Zagreb which projects red light on the sidewalk next to a zebra crossing so that it can be seen by both pedestrians and cyclists who approach the crossing but are looking at their mobile phones.

This is the first such traffic light to be installed in Croatia. It has been installed at the crossing of Frankopanska and Đure Deželića streets as part of the Day Without Mobile Phones in Traffic campaign, its organisers said on Saturday.

When this traffic light turns red, it is projected on the sidewalk as well as on mobile phone screens which pedestrians look at instead of around themselves. Reflecting the red light, the sidewalk as well as the screens force them to raise their heads, stop and wait for the light to turn green.

A survey conducted as part of the campaign shows that 92% of drivers, 50% of pedestrians and 33% of cyclists use mobile phones while crossing the street and that 20% do not even notice when the traffic light turns red. The findings also show that the responses of drivers using mobile phones are almost three times slower.

Mobile phones are considered the fourth biggest killer in traffic.

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