HAC Puts First Horizontal 3D Signage in Place on Croatia's Roads

By 26 September 2019

Croatian Motorways (HAC) has installed a unique (at least by European standards) new system on Croatia's roads.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 26th of September, 2019, Croatian Motorways (HAC) installed the first horizontal 3D signage in the Republic of Croatia on Tuesday night this week in order to warn drivers when they're heading in the wrong direction. The first artificial ones with a 3D effect were installed at the Popovec junction along the A4 Zagreb-Goričan, reports Večernji list.

Horizontal 3D traffic signaling will visually act as a physical obstacle in addition to the existing signs which state ''STOP - WRONG DIRECTION'', thus further alerting drivers when they're going in the wrong direction.

This modern method of preventing vehicles from continuing driving in the opposite direction than they need to be is unique in Europe and is still used as a pilot only over in nearby Austria.

The new horizontal 3D traffic signaling consists of two parts. The first part consists of several smaller marks or lines, usually three, which are transmitted in 3D view, creating an optical deception of encountering "spikes" along the road, and the second, larger part, is also transmitted in 3D view, creating an optical ''illusion'' of an artificial projection, or a "raised surface" which could damage the vehicle.

As such, these 3D signals function in a much better way than the simple signs you're likely to see along Croatia's roads, particularly in the capital, and quickly see to it that drivers who have made a mistake on the road and are heading in the wrong direction are properly informed in a way that they cannot ignore or accidentally bypass.

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