Zagreb Gears Up for Chemical Brothers Spectacle at Dom Sportova

By 18 September 2019

September 18, 2019 -  We are less than a month away from the Chemical Brothers spectacle at Dom Sportova, a concert that will bring back world-class content to one of the biggest stages in Zagreb.

The Chemical Brothers are coming to Zagreb at the time of their greatest maturity; with a new concert tour and impressive new visuals. Tom Rowland and Ed Simons visit Zagreb as the frontrunners of British electronic sound, and the co-creators of the successful big beat and its breakthrough into the orbit of pop culture. They released their current album 'No Geography' this year, marking the global festival season as the headliners on some of the world’s biggest stages - from Glastonbury to Fuji Rock.

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Hamish Brown

The British big beat duo has released 24 albums throughout their career, including nine studio records, one live album, five compilations, two remix albums, five mixed albums, and one soundtrack. Six albums finished in the top of the UK charts, and three records were named platinum.

Zagreb's Dom Sportova will witness a galaxy of hits, with one recognizable song after the next. Among the electro-music classics are 'Hey Boy Hey Girl', 'Come with Us', 'Galvanize', 'Do It Again', 'Go', 'Star Guitar' and 'Wide Open', and new hit singles 'Free Yourself' and 'Eve of Destruction'.

The British duo's performances bring pure hedonism, combining large video screens, psychedelic images, and expressive light shows with strobes and lasers. It is reminiscent of an exciting thriller, which completely captures the attention of your senses. The Chemical Brothers are considered one of the most interesting live performers in history.

The visual aesthetics are one of the characteristics that accompany Tom and Ed throughout their creative work. The videos are filled with metaphors, illustrations, symbolism, and rotating video solutions, which makes it similar to live performances. "We have one of the most natural approaches to the stage," Ed Simons pointed out, "the show is very psychedelic; we care about how we convey the stimuli and messages we bring to our visuals."

The Chemical Brothers are primarily remembered for their collaborations, like using Oasis singer Liam Gallagher for the song 'Setting Sun', Beck in the single 'Eide Open', Q-Tip in the hit 'Galvanize' and Bernard Sumner in the theme 'Out of Control'. Other notable collabs include Kele Okereke ('Believe'), Beth Orton ('Alive Alone'), The Flaming Lips ('The Golden Path'), Willy Mason ('No Path to Follow'), St. Vincent ('Under Neon Lights'), Hope Sandoval ('Asleep from Day') and Richard Ashcroft ('The Test').

Although the Chemical Brothers are no stranger to playing in Croatia, this will be their first major solo show in the Croatian capital. Unlike their appearances at festivals, the Chemical Brothers solo show is a complete set of the duo’s most successful songs, allowing them to experiment and place total focus on their repertoire from all stages of their career.

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A Chemical Brothers show ensures you escape from reality and plunge into your imagination, and this concert at Dom Sportova in Zagreb promises nothing less. 

You can see the Chemical Brothers debut in Zagreb on October 12th. 

Tickets are available here

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